Embryo Nebula (NGC1333)

NGC 1333 is a reflection nebula located in the northern constellation Perseus, positioned next to the southern constellation border with Taurus and Aries.] . It is associated with a dark cloud L1450 (Barnard 205). Estimates of the distance to this nebula range from 980–1,140 ly (300–350 pc). This nebula is in the western part[4] of the Perseus molecular cloud and is a young region of very active star formation, being one of the best-studied objects of its type. Within the nebular are 20 young stellar objects producing outflows, including Herbig–Haro objects. A total of 95 X-ray sources that are associated with known members of embedded star clusters. In 2011 researchers reported finding 30 to 40 brown dwarf objects in the cloud and in the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex.

(description from Wikipedia)


Photographer: Gerhard Zahler-Treiber

Telescope: TMB 152/1200 Apo
Mount: 10Micron GM2000 HPS II
Camera: FLI ML8300
Exposure: LRGB 770:285:265:255